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Summary: A confrontational elven intern and failed police cadet with anger management issues.

Rissa Ondoviel(O'Donnel)

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Faye


Moonshadow Elf


Newly hired intern who was kicked out of Police Academy for insulting the tactics of the department.
Assigned to be Jack's assistant, though she consistently mocks him and isn't actually much of a help.
Apt at delivering 'tough love' when an immigrant becomes a little more problematic.
Always brings moonberry wine to office gatherings.
Trained in hand to hand combat, as well as the use of swords, though the art has been long outdated.
Has an accent similar to the human Scotts, states its from her homeworld of Xadia.


Department of Integration Intern
Failed Police Academy Cadet

Physical Appearance

Rissa's skin tone is a cool beige, with a bluish undertone, and she has two blue triangles under her eyes, which are not tattoos, but part of her skin. Her eyes are a pale violet, and slanted inwards just slightly. Her hair is silvery white, and she refuses to ever pull it up, preferring to leave it down with a single braided strand, as an homage to her people and her home. Like most elves, her ears are pointed, though hers are smaller than most humans would expect. She has two midnight violet horns spiraling from the sides of her head, just behind her temples. She often wears dark coloured turtlenecks or collared shirts and a pair of comfortable jeans to work, or any time, really. She stands at about 5'6.

Personality and Interests

Rissa can be often construed as one who doesn't get along well with others. She is mocking, sarcastic and confrontational. She doesn't actually truly care much for the mission and goals of the Department of Integration, and is actually only interning to prove that she is not a danger to society.
She has a keen sense of her heritage, and becomes extremely heated when someone compares her to other subtypes of elves.
She trains at the local MMA gym twice a week.
She is trying to get hired into the Law Enforcement Department of the Department of Integration, and sees no point in the integration process.
Oddly, she loves RomComs and Situational Comedy.


Riss first moved to New York because she had been told the police academy there was top notch. She had always wanted to be part of law enforcement since she was little, and especially since her people had begun to intermingle with humans and other sorts of creatures. Originally, she attempted to keep her native surname, Ondoviel, but upon finding it was hard for others to pronounce, resigned herself to the most common mispronunciation, "O'Donnel".
As tradition of her people, she had been trained in combat as a form of art and dance since she was a child, which inspired her lifelong goal of joining law enforcement.
However, her methods were almost sadistic, and she hardly had any people skills. She rathered taking a chance to stop a criminal for good rather than giving them a chance at trial in court. Therefore, they promptly kicked her out of the New York Police Academy. After a few weeks of jumping between low wage and demeaning jobs, she found a flyer for an internship with the Department of Integration, seeking peoples of all race and kinds. Then she was stuck with the position of Jack's assistant.

Favourite Sayings

"I'm not just an elf! I'm a moonshadow elf!"
"And explain again why that is my problem?"
"Say that again and I'll dropkick you to Xadia."

Favourite food

Moonberry wine
Tuna noodle casserole

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Image of Rissa Ondoviel(O'Donnel)
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