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Summary: Hard worker, but always craving that next step.

Hayden Julian

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Humans




New intern, has yet to be assigned a concrete position. He's scouting out the working conditions of the agency for his two friends.


That's a road yet to be paved.

Physical Appearance

Stands at five feet and seven inches, a bit under average height. Seems physically fit overall. He has a large scar over his right eye, though it healed and closed long time ago.

Personality and Interests

Hayden likes to help others-no, that's an understatement, he feels obligated to help others in all walks of life, his Hero Complex can get him into trouble often. However, he does know to back of in very specific cases where his help is simply unnecessary, as a Hero would, Hayden perfers to help people who actually need it. He would definitely be the type to charge at a problem head on, even he can't handle it on his own. He also has problems asking for help, which only makes his situation worse. Matters of the mind.


Unknown. He's an orphan, and so are his two friends Veradux and Caed. The three have known each other all of thier lives.

Favourite Sayings

"Head on!"

"There's only one way out of this..."

"I won't give up on you!"

Favourite food

Has an exteme love of breakfast foods; eggs, bacon or sausage, and waffles or pancakes.

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Image of Hayden Julian
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