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Summary: Cyclops alien from somewhere beyond Pluto.

Ruderick Gantris

Gender: Male

Age: Over 100

Group: MISC


Unregistered Alien Species


Between jobs.



Physical Appearance

See image. 7.5 feet tall.

Personality and Interests

Power hungry savage ready who pushes people just enough to lose his job. Loves eating Elf ears, Has a thing for bad girls.


Nothing is known about his life prior to coming to Earth how ever a rather large file contains his exploits one Earth. One of his most notable non-violent exploits include adopting all the dogs in nearby shelters and opening a restaurant on the same day.

Favourite Sayings

"Humans are revolting creatures."

Favourite food

Deep Fried Elf Ears and Peanut Butter.

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Image of Ruderick Gantris
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