On The Way Out

Rissa's eyes lit up at the mention of the Law Enforcement officers. She hadn't known Jack's roommate was one of them. Before she had a chance to say anything, though, Jack had finished up with his work and was heading out the door.
Rissa slammed her fist against her desk, startling Leonard awake. The old man started muttering in Latin as Rissa packed her things.
Suddenly, she didn't feel like going to the gym anymore. She was missing out on the perfect opportunity to network and eventually get out of this shitty intern position and into real law enforcement. "And all because of some stupid human," she muttered and she slung her bag over her shoulder and left the office.
She stepped into the elevator, alone for the moment.

As Rissa waited for the doors to close on the elevator Callie stopped the doors from closing with her hand and forced them open so she could get inside. Then behind her was Blob from Accounting and Dr. Hitomi.

Blob: Thanks for holding the door.

Callie: Yeah whatever.

Dr. Hitomi: What a long day. Any plans?

Blob: Of course. I will be online with my fantasy football team and several snacks. Wanna come?

Callie: Not a chance.

Dr. Hitomi: Sorry I have plans.

Callie: You have plans?

Dr. Hitomi: Of course I do. Why is that hard to believe?

Callie: As in a date?

Dr. Hitomi: More like an appointment.

Callie: Sounds exciting.

Dr. Hitomi: Well I happen to have a patient who forgot her medication so I will visit her for a spell.

Blob: Who is it Doc? Is she cute?

Dr. Hitomi: Sorry Blob Doctor patient privacy.

Callie: Oh.........I see......... Well if you see Jack tell him to not to over do it. I need him healthy for work tommorrow.

Dr. Hitomi: If I see him.....of course.


Poor Leonard woke up and looked around as glitter snot dripped on his chin along with his slobber. After seeing everyone was gone he chuckled and teleported away after snapping his fingers. He then appeared at an underground party with some hippy fairy folk. They were playing loud music as they danced the night away while snorting fairy dust.


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