On The Job

After breakfast they shared a ride to the office where they parted ways as Zombina headed to the Department of Integration police department and Jack headed to Department of Integration social services department.

Zombina was in good spirits as she walked into the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department. There she headed to the meeting room to meet with the other Officers.

Zombina: What up girls. It is good to alive. Well undead atleast.

Tion: Did you sleep well Zombina?

Zombina: H@ll yeah! Jack stayed up with me playing my favorite game last night so I am still stoked.

Dopple: I still can't figure out how you too can be so close and not a couple.

Zombina: Oh come on Dopple. We are best friends and besides he is dating that succubus upstairs.

Monako: So does he....... you know help you with you know?

Poor Monako was to shy to say the words.

Zombina: You mean massage my muscles when I go into rigor? Of course he does that and he gives me my shots too. H@ll even had to sew me back together a few times when my stitches got popped.

Dopple: Did he get embarrassed?

Zombina: I thought he would but he just stayed focused on the sewing. I was sure he would have freaked when he sewed my boob back on.

Tion: Zombina you should be ashamed making him do that.

Zombina: Naw he was a boy scout all the way. He even played video games with me after that.

Manako: So has he hit on you?

Zombina: Nawh. He treats me like a kid sister most of the time.

Dopple: Looks like you missed out then.

Zombina: Yeah right. Things are good like this.

Manako: What will you do if things get serious with his girlfriend?

Zombina: Oh..................I didn't think about that. I guess I would have to break a new guy in.

Director Smith came in and made her way to the podium.

Smith: Okay people sit down and shut up. We got several cases to deal with. Mondo/Lucas we got a vampire gang robbing blood banks. (hands out a file to some officers) Jenkins/Sampson we got a group of werewolf poachers at Central Park (hands out a file to some officers). Griggs/Mason we got a call about a bunch of stoned druids at a rally downtown (hands out a file to some officers). And Zombina, Manako, Tion, and Dopple we have an Orc gang in China town shooting up the place (hands out a file to some officers). I want this settled by today and don't make more work for me by going wild again.

Smith dismissed the Officers and Zombina and her team moved out to pick up their gear before taking a transport to China town to deal with the Orc gang.


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