New office space

Elden wasn't looking forward today. Her departments wing was being closed for a short time. After another member of her position decided to not take a complaint to well the offices were damaged, now in need of repair. The main office is where she was shipped off to. For now she was just asked to sort her files. Since work tended to pile up especially when they were short handed she had a lot of files to sort.

She was given an old desk in the main Agents office. She wasn't looking forward to being back in this office. Though most of the people she knew were gone, just the idea of staring at that wall again was dreadful.

Walking in the door caring a cardboard file box and two dozen doughnuts on top. She made her way through the door taking a seat at her desk. Ignoring the talking people. Hoping they'd let her work and eat her doughnuts in peace.

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