Bad Choices

Rissa didn't respond to Jack. Actually, she just straight up ignored him. She had her eyes closed and was focused, picturing in her mind's eye the rolling hills of Xadia. Thoughts of home always seem to bring a sense of peace into her otherwise chaotic life in the human world. She zoned out, seemingly ignoring everyone and everything in the office at the moment as she got back to work.

It wasn't long before Callie came in and escorted Jack for a quickie before he had to teach a class.

Callie: Hey Jack I need to go over some files with you before your class. Do you mind?

Jack seemed to understand the situation and nodded as he packed for his class.

Jack: Yes let me pack my things for the class.

Leonard snorted as he understood it all to well and knew Callie was in heat again. So far Jack was the only guy she didn't drain near death when her urges became bad. As a Succubus she had her needs and she was now depending on Jack to help her out and in return she kept Twayne off his back. Twayne was deeply jealous that Callie preferred Jack over himself to the point she refused to acknowledge the arranged marriage between herself and Twayne her father made long ago. Leo snickered and received harsh glares from Callie. Jack waved Skala's kid before he picked up his files and coffee and headed to Callie.

Jack: Okay I'll be gone for the next two hours in class if all goes well, but if something comes up use my SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) manual to solve the problem.

With that Jack left with Callie to her office where he put his files and coffee down before Callie had her way with him. Fifteen minutes later Callie calmed down and let Jack head to his class on human relations.


Thermal knocked on Smith's door. " Smith, I wanted to explain why Soul dumped the slime on you. Dopple was disguised as you, so he wanted to get back at her." He sighed.

Smith looked at Thermack who just barged into her office making excuses for his little brother. She just stared at him for a moment before she sipped her coffee and spoke.

Smith: I find it amusingly ironic that you of all people would take the time to come to this law enforcement station and tell me about what is right and what is wrong. As I recall you are criminal with very shady past and an eye-sore to your father and brother. You must really care for that idiot if you are going this far. To be honest I am not concerned as to what reason Soul had for dumping slime on me since this is not a frat house and he should be acting like a responsible peace officer. Speaking of which I put him on traffic duty on Main and 34th street so he should be directing traffic right now.

Soul was sleeping in the car, then he heard a car zoom. He woke up and drove after the car. He turned on the siren. " Well, this is fun."

Smith pushed her intercom to check with the desk Sergeant to check on Souls progress and once again she received that he was not at his post and his cruiser is currently speeding away from his post. Smith looked up at Thermack with a glare.

Smith: You're little brother not only dumped slime on me, but he abandoned his post to direct traffic and is now speeding down the roads for unknown reasons.

The Role of a Traffic Officer. The purpose of the Traffic Officer Service is to undertake general traffic and road management tasks thus allowing the police greater time to concentrate on the protective services, such as tackling crime, investigating collisions and enforcing the law.

Smith: You may care for him as a sibling but the only reason he hasn't been kicked off the force is because of your father. However this incident will only come back to haunt him since his punishment will be extreme next time.

Smith glared through her sunglasses at Thermack as she was not in the mood for demon antics. She sipped her coffee as she made a hand gesture to shoo Thermack out.


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