Nothing to worry about

Elden waved her hand at Hayden. "You don't have anything to worry about unless you are part elf." she said, "He only eats elf ears, which raised a lot of questions of why an unregistered cyclopian alien would have such a tasted but it a thing won't likely be answered." Elden added.

"He likes to fry them in elf fat, then smother them in chunky peanut butter." Elliot said from across the room. "I don't get it." he finished as he filed away a stack of papers.

Skala was working and watching Shelby at the same time, as she frantically colored in grass on her picture. To everyone the knew Skala and how unlike an average Orc she was it wasn't a surprise her child was so well behaved, to anyone out side this circle of work friends it would be shocking, or odd at the very least. Since most children of orc blood her age would be running around smashing things.

"Well Rissa do you want to split the folder and work on half or just work on it as a team?" Elden asked. "This thing is going to take us weeks..." she mumbled.

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