Double Trouble

Jack popped his neck and sipped his coffee as the others talked about Ruderick Gantris. He was a hot and dangerous topic no matter what or where.

Rissa almost felt bad about chiding the girl when she was handed the picture. She did her best not to show it.
Then Jack mentioned her change of position. An actual case, rather than all this horrid paperwork. It was like a godsend. "Well, if this brute is as bad as your day he is....I suppose more than one is necessary." She turned her chair around to look at Elden. "I can keep him from eating your ears. After all, I trained with the NYPD."

"Wait, whats this about a... 'ear-eating brute? What are you guys talking about," He asked with a half nervous and half curious expression on his face.

Elden waved her hand at Hayden. "You don't have anything to worry about unless you are part elf." she said, "He only eats elf ears, which raised a lot of questions of why an unregistered cyclopian alien would have such a tasted but that thing won't likely be answered." Elden added.

"He likes to fry them in elf fat, then smother them in chunky peanut butter." Elliot said from across the room. "I don't get it." he finished as he filed away a stack of papers.

Jack: Well its well documented that the guy has serious issues besides his diet.

Leo: No kidding. There is a betting pool going around in the mail room for the reason behind his ear diet.

Jack: Oh yeah I forgot about that.

Leo: Oh yeah some believe its a fix for ED and others think its some weird religion thing.

Skala was working and watching Shelby at the same time, as she frantically colored in grass on her picture. To everyone the knew Skala and how unlike an average Orc she was it wasn't a surprise her child was so well behaved, to anyone out side this circle of work friends it would be shocking, or odd at the very least. Since most children of orc blood her age would be running around smashing things.

"Well Rissa do you want to split the folder and work on half or just work on it as a team?" Elden asked. "This thing is going to take us weeks..." she mumbled.

Jack: Yeah.......either way I am concerned Twayne set you ladies up after being coerced since he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Leo: Oh he is duller than bowling ball shovel.

Jack: Just as a precaution make sure you are never alone with the guy and use the security here when you meet him so you have witnesses in case he goes after you.

Just then Callie came in with a push cart full of more file stacks and parked it by Elden.

Callie: Here is the rest of Ruderick Gantris's files. If you need any more you can ask Jack since he has back of files from that case.

Leo: You still got those?

Jack: Of course. We almost went to court with him remember?

Leo: Not really. Some of my memories are hazy.

Callie: That's cause your out of your gourd Leo.

Leo: Can't argue with a Succubus who preys on weak men.

Callie glared at Leo and slightly crushed the handle on the cart. Jack saw she was in a foul mood again so he decided to take one for the team.

Jack: So do we have any other pressing matters?

Callie: Huh? Oh yeah I am having trouble with my system access again. Do you mind fixing it?

Callie had a wicked grin and a raised eyebrow as she looked at Jack. Leo snickered and Jack shrugged as he saved his file on his computer. Then he got up and nodded as he approached Callie.

Jack: Well we can't have you in that situation when we have all this work piled up.

Callie: It so good that you are a team player unlike that old coot.

Leo snorted before he sneezed and mumbled under his breath.

Callie then took Jack to her office where she proceeded to release her piled up stress on poor Jack. This was the second time Callie needed to be satisfied today. Normally she could get by with once a day and Leo rarely bothered her enough to this level. Jack did a few things to aid the pent up Callie so she could reach her "Big O" faster and calm her down. Once she was done she collapsed on him to catch her breath.

Jack: So what is really bugging ya?

Callie: What makes you think that? What if I am just in the mood to use you?

Jack: True you are always in that mood, but you only call me out like that when its something bad.

Callie: Well I guess you would pick up on that.

Jack: I know this is not a serious relationship, but I am here to help you when I can.

Callie: I know and you have been real good about going with the flow. Its just that my dad is giving me pressure to marry Boneraper again. The families on both sides are all worked up about it.

Jack: Yeah forced marriages are like that. I have a lot of cases like that.

Callie: I just want to make my own decisions.

Jack: Understandable. Just stand your ground like you always do. Its one of your stronger skills.

Callie: Yeah, I guess. How about one more time before I let you go.

Jack: Are yo really giving me a choice or just talking nicely?

Callie: I was going for seductive but no you don't get a choice so make sure you make me smile again.

Jack took care of Callie before they cleaned up and returned to work. Jack was gone a good thirty minutes when he came back to his desk and felt the weird looks from the co-workers.

Leo: Did ya take care of the ole boss lady?

Jack: I hope so or she will be back and mad at me.

Jack then saw Hayden and his work progress as he nodded.

Jack: Not bad Hayden. You are picking this up quickly.


Soul pulled the speeding car over, when it opened it was a criminal from a dangerous orge gang. " You f#cked up now." He pulled the criminal out and put him in the back of his car when went back to his post. He decided to report this. " Hey Smith, I know you might be angry for leaving my post, but I just got my self one of the members of, crap the Orge gang in the north, what's the name, oh yeah The Green ones. Anyway, could you send someone to pick him up, I figure you don't want me to leave my post again."

Smith clenched her fists as Soul checked in with her.

Smith: Very well I will send Zombina's squad over for the pick up. After that return to your post.

She then sent her female team of Zombina, Tion, Dopple and Manako.

After fifteen minutes a van arrived and the four ladies came out to meet with Soul and take his prisoner. The Orc resisted as they pulled him out of Soul's vehicle, so Tion bopped him on the head and knocked him out cold.

Tion: Oh dear. He is a naughty boy.

Zombina: Good thing you are stronger than him or we would have to zap 'em.

Dopple: Let's zapp him anyway.

Manako: Let's not.

After the girls took the Orc they left Soul so he could go back to his post.


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