Not a Team Player

Rissa let out an exaggerated sigh as the other just went on and on about the case. "Just give me a portion to start flipping through." She rose from her desk to take some of the files off the cart as Jack left the room with Callie, before sinking back into her chair, holding the files up. "I take back what I said earlier. This guy deserves to go back to wherever he came from." And she was determined to put him there. Perhaps it would get her the recognition she needed, either to move to the Law Enforcement department, or get a letter of recommendation for the Police Academy again.
She muttered to herself as she flipped through the folders. " did this arsehole ever make it through customs? I had a tough enough time getting over here."
Then Jack came back, and she narrowed her eyes. She still didn't understand how he was so calm about being used as a toy. She chalked it up to humans being dumb.

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