Final Surge

Final Surge. Just before a major battle, the GM may restore some of the party's Life and Power Points, to prepare them for the extra challenge of the scene. Extra points can be rewarded based on how inspiring their rallying dialogue is.
Here's how it works in this game.
A player or players request a Final Surge. The group votes.
Every player will then make a roll using this formula :
Wisdom (+ Influence + Holy + Performance)
The resulting stars will be the stars each player will receive to add to power and/or life, each star equalling 1 point. Any surplus stars are lost.
Each players' mini will be tagged 'fs'.
This can be done only once per session.

In the case of a solo game, the player will use THIS formula :
Wisdom (+ Holy + Performance + Mystic)
The rest apply as above.

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