Money. Money is not tracked in Fabletop, so that shopping doesn't take away from game time. Characters always have enough money for basic expenses.

As a rule, the lack of money should not hinder a quest unless it is a large expenditure that is part of the plot. In those cases, money can be temporarily be tracked by the GM until they have enough. For example, the party is stranded in a remote kingdom and needs to earn enough money for passage back home.

So for now, just go with the first paragraph. It will apply whether you 'took the job' or 'looted the chamber of Dargoth, Lich-king of the Dark Void. I may make some changes to this eventually.

If the question of an item should come up, the answer is 'no' or, if I'm in a slightly generous mood, I might ask you to make a resource roll (II. MECHANICS)

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