Defense Rolls

Defense. Defense rolls are not a part of regular combat, but a Power Point can be used to avoid the result of an attack. Each star absorbs 1 Damage. These are also known as Active Defense rolls.

A block is used to defend against melee attacks. If the number of stars exceeds the amount needed, they are applied as damage to the attacker as a riposte.

Block = Might (+ Warrior) + Power

A dodge may be used to defend against either a melee or ranged attack. It is more versatile, and uses more bonus traits, but it doesn't grant the riposte bonus.

Dodge = Agility (+ Rogue + Acrobatics) + Power

Now we take a look at PASSIVE Defense rolls. These are defense rolls that don't cost a power point, but ONLY use a Minor Bonus trait or a Bonus Item trait. Sometimes, though rarely, certain traits can stack.

To resist the effects of a Magic Bolt, roll either Elf, Gnome, Halfling, or Mystic. If you happen to be a higher level character with one of those non human traits AND Mystic, both may be applied.

Armor as an Bonus Item may be rolled, but no other trait is added, unless the character also has a Bonus Item shield. Note that some of these bonus items may be added to Active defense rolls. (see 'Bonus Items' in III. LINKS)

The Gnome trait may be used to either add to an Active defense roll or a Passive defense roll, but either option will deplete a device point. (see 'Gnome' in III. LINKS)

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