Random ideas

Come up with a wealth point system that uses ready ref sheets for property building and Bol for converting to xp. At the end of a treasure hunt, each character will get at least one wealth point. I will roll for more wealth points and have a Magic item ready.

Background Jackpot!
A mini game played during cc sessions only. During actual gaming sessions, only the basic traits and items are rolled. During cc session games, there might be a mini skirmish. This is to insure chat logs are preserved.

Copy/paste this under the rules :

2 types of sessions : MINI SESSIONS are small encounter/skirmish games that occur when the game title on the Main Page is labelled C.C./game, the main focus will be for character creation. Leftover slots will be available to ANY player with a completed character regardless of xp level. These give me a chance to practice, and, despite being slow and clunky, will give all participants some extra xp.
GAME SESSIONS occur when the game title is labeled Game/limited cc, any available spots will be available for any with completed character. New players can still make characters, but don't get the BACKGROUND JACKPOT option until the next character creation session.

C.C. Sessions - Players just joining will be able to select the BACKGROUND JACKPOT! option during character creation. Any leftover slots will be given with an established character.

The Green Warp


The Ravenscars of Anchor Strand
The Heir to Nobility
The Brute
The Explorer and His Lady
The Gang Captain
The Xathlom Priest
The Sadistic Alchemist

The Eye of Xirchiog - an alchemical impossibility, an emerald of jades zzz,

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