Watchdogs - the traits have been pulled from all the genres of built in fable top cc-verse. Do not change the name or description of these traits.
Because I've studied these traits. I know which traits stack for which occasion. That's why I've always hosted core with built in traits.
But this time it's different.
Your Base Traits ( Might, Agility & Wisdom ) start out at total 10 instead of 7.
You start with 19 life.
You start with 9 power.
Listed below are 14 + traits. You will copy/paste 5 of them to the bonus traits section of your character sheet.

Huge: 3 - Extra big & strong

Quick: 3 - Extra fast & nimble

Flight: 3 - Airborne movement

Leader: 3 - Fortitude, persuasion

Armor: 3 - Body armor or thick hide

Fire Control: 3 - Create & control fire

Ice Control: 3 - Create & control ice

Power Beam: 3 - Fire energy beams

Psychic: 3 - Telekinesis, telepathy

Claws: 3 -Animal-like claws

Gadgets: 3 - Array of special items

Brainiac: 3 - Knowledge, memory chip

Shadowy: 3- Stealth, deception

Cyber Arm: 3 - Enhanced strength

Kung fu: 3 - Unarmed combat, acrobatics

Mage: 3 - Cast magic spells

And finally...

No teen characters under 18
No kid characters
Other than that, make whatever crazy origin story you want. But nothing nasty.
Oh, if you want to rip off a superhero from comics, movies (ie Superman, Rorschach, etc. ) go for it
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