Power Free Defense - 
A Power Free Defense Roll is generated using the thing that grants the defense roll
anything that grants a power free defense roll may also be used in a Block or Dodge roll.

(To play soonest, just do this : finish > Talantha Gazetteer, the background link story, the Mage overview, black magic, grey magic, white magic, holy trait, power attacks, power free defense, dodge, block

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience of a lower powered Medieval Fantasy 
Don't be intimidated at the volume of info links, etc. as they are mostly for my benefit. It helps me run the game smoother. All it really is is the Core system broken down and maybe some house rules added.

Most of the time, I post dice commands. The same format applies to magic powers. It often looks like this example : 
Melee Attack = Might ( + Warrior ) It means you make a Might roll, but add Warrior if have it.
Then there's something like this :
Summon Earth Elemental = Wisdom + Mage ( + Gnome ) + Power. The traits that are not in parentheses are required to cast the spell. The trait in parenthesis (?) may be used if the character has it. '+ Power' means it costs a Power Point, which activates the spell as well as adding a star to the roll.
Now...did that make sense to you? If it did, then good, I wrote a good topic. If you didn't understand it, I have these 4 words. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. Just play. The more you play, the more you're probably going to pick up on this.
Or just play, and let me worry about the mechanics. The main reason I use this formula is to let players know which traits stack with which occasion .

That's why I use only the built in traits for character generation. It helps me run the game easier.

> Players who have an old character from my past games with the proper traits have the option of bringing that character here, keep the xp and the first sesh bonus, if any.

> For new players who wish to make a character, please just use the built in Medieval Fantasy traits found in the Character Generation drop bar.
Base Traits ( Might, Agility, and Wisdom ) add up to 7, Life and Power add up to 8. Please select only one of the 3 Major Bonus traits. ( Warrior, Rogue, or Mage ) at level 1 and then select only one of the 

On info button

> MAGE !!!
A player with the Mage trait automatically loses one power because that will activate the Magic Bolt ability. This is a ranged attack based on adding Wisdom and Mage. It's not fire or electricity based. Any use of this does not cost further Power Point expenditure. It is only used for combat, not digging holes, knocking down doors, etc.
Any other magic effect costs a Power Point each time.

The Raven of Talantha is, of course, a raven. But this raven is a kind of link for the player characters. It has shown a variety of powers, from creating portals to relaying information.
If you haven't read the 'Background Connection' yet, long story short, this bird guided you in your escape from a madman's house of horrors, the effects from it carry over to now.

What's listed is what the Raven said or will say :

The Background Connection
( When and where this happened in your character's background is up to you )
There was that one moment in time that is among your most memorable experiences. The moment you encountered the Raven of Talantha. The first thing he said to you was this :

"I am Kalarak, the Raven of Talantha. The others will know for the Fates have bound us all. Know that you are now Ravenmarked. Only others I have marked so can sense it.

The truth is there is no mark. The Heroes just sense others who are RavenMarked. 

> All player characters are Ravenmarked, all Ravenmarked are player characters. There are no NPC Ravenmarked Ones.
> Another effect is the Raven's ability to create portals, usually to where other Ravenmarks are gathered. ( This is a cheat that allows players who just joined to get right into the playing, no waiting for the right time to be introduced )
> The Raven's only answer to why he carried out the markings is this : "We are the ones needed for the task of stabilizing reality."
> Here are some things that the Raven says, said, or will say ( newest at top )
( Optional, not required reading )

"Reports of encounters with the walking dead are spoken in the city of Red Lizard Rock"

"The folks of Red Lizard Rock speak of a Roc that blocks out the sun. When it does, the giant bird then disappears."

"Illusions. Delusions. What plagues you?"

"There was a time when reality was more real, yes, yes."

"You are here to help me stabilize reality."

"I am here to help you stabilize reality."

"Know that when one has slipped out of reality, the Mists of Enigma swiped the unfortunate away. Retrieving this one can be a tricky thing." ( This is another cheat, for players who dc ) 

"Reality is stabilized by your decisions. I'll help as much as I can."


First, the Basics
Actually, no, I'm not going to waste your time with stodgy essays and sums. If you want to know anything about the mechanics, just ask. If you don't still don't understand my answers, I have these words : DON'T WORRY. JUST PLAY. 
Because the more you play, the more you're probably going to all figure this out.
Besides, you have access to the base rules, anyway!

Character Generation > This uses ONLY The built - in Medieval Fantasy bonus traits.PLEASE DO NOT change the name or description of these traits
Remember, the restrictions here are based on my limitations as a GM.

When you ask for a CC check, here's what I'm going to be looking for :
> Base Traits add up to 7
> Life and Power add up to 8 (in the case of an old character who's been dusted off, brought back to play after receiving a first session bonus, life and power add up to 9)
> First Trait is one of these at level 1 : 
> Second Trait is one of these at level 1 :
> If you have a flaw, it counts as a bonus trait at level 0. To learn more about flaws, go here > 
> Age and Gender ( in the Description area ) The minimum age is 18, please. Gender is either Male or Female, please. ( This is for pronoun purposes, understand? ) 
> Your mini. Sorry, but I can only allow minis that are available to characters. If your second trait is one of the non human species, please use a corresponding mini (example, if you have the Elf trait, please use an Elf mini.

That's it! That's all I'm looking at!

Now, here's where things stop being so restrictive. First of all, I really don't care what you look like. Wanna look like an anthropomorphic unicorn? A skull faced, demonoid horror? A normal elf? Go for it. 
Background story? Write one, I don't care what you put. And if an adventure should emerge...
I know that if you have either the Gnome or Halfling trait/mini, your height is 2' to 3' tall. If you have the Dwarf trait/mini, your height is 3' to 4' tall.  An Elf trait/mini  puts you in the 4' to 6 ft. Range. Everyone else ranges from 5 ft. To 7foot tall.

If you want to write something more bizarre than the Standard Vanilla fantasy fare, go for it. Think up any crazy origin story you want. You can be a demon from Hell, for all I care. 
But here's the kicker. That Background Connection. It did something to you. Any thing that affects a normal human affects you. Poison, pain, disease.and if you didn't bleed in the past, you do now. Undead? Not anymore. All aversions went away with any powers you had in the past.
The RavenMark may have had something to do with it.

What sort of items and weapons do yo carry? You can describe your weapon any way you want (remember, I allow guns) 

Just know that background descriptions and items are all fluff. Character has claws.? Fluff. Armor? Fluff. 
All of your built in powers are manifested by your built in traits. Please try to remember that.

Rules System

Streamlined for chat-based play
Easy to learn -- chargen takes about a minute
Works with virtually any kind of character or genre
Special D6 dice pool system (no messy math)
Perfect for creative roleplaying vs "rule playing"
Makes it easy to join any game in the community

Custom Traits. Fabletop allows you to write in anything you want for Bonus Traits, but it's up to the GM to decide what is allowed.

Good custom traits are versatile, but not overpowered. As a rule of thumb, a custom trait should only be applicable to about 1/3 of the rolls your character will make in a typical game session.

However, you should start your first few characters using the built-in traits. They can be combined in a lot of ways, and were created with game balance in mind.

Player/GM Guide (aka 'all you really need to know)
> Traits not in parentheses are required/featured. Traits in parentheses may be added to the roll, applies mostly to later levels. ' + Power ' means costs one power. 

Me lee Attack : Might (+ Warrior)
Ranged Attack : Agility (+ Warrior)

Block vs. Melee : Might (+ Warrior) + Power, surplus stars riposte damage to attacker
Dodge vs. Melee & Ranged : Agility (+ Rogue, +Acrobatics) + Power

Power Melee Attack : Might (+ Warrior, + Rogue, + Acrobatics, + Halfling) + Power
Power Ranged Attack : Agility (+Warrior,+ Rogue, + Elf ) + Power

Healing Roll : Wisdom ( + Nature, + Holy, + Mage ) + Power. Healing rolls recover 2 life per star. This can be distributed to any number of characters.

Magic Resistance : Roll ONE of the following, add nothing else. Elf, Gnome, Halfling, or Mystic ( Mystic able to stack with one of the others at higher levels)

Spell Casting : Wisdom + Mage + Power

Final Surge : Wisdom (+ Holy, + Performance ,  + Influence, + Mystic ). This may only be done once per session . Two or more players vote . All participants roll. The total stars equal the amount of points EACH CHARACTER may use to restore Life and Power. Any surplus is lost. 

Heroic Save : Save another character from horrible damage. Roll your character's best base trait ( Might, Agility, or Wisdom ) and add a power. 2 stars equals all damage avoided

Resist Toxin : Might (+ Dwarf )

Purchase : Wisdom ( + Influence)

Perception : Wisdom (+ Rogue, + Elf )

Stealth : Agility (+ Rogue, + Halfling )

DWARF - This trait can be used when the character is UNDERGROUND. When those conditions are met, the Dwarf trait is added to ALL MIGHT BASED ROLLS

ELF - A character with this trait has the following power. 

Alfheim's Gate : Wisdom + Elf ( + Mage, + Mystic ) + Power

This makes a golden gate appear, opening to the half material, half spiritual world of Alpheim, the Realm of the Elves and their deities. This place appears as a forest of perpetual twilight. The Elf may cross into this world with ease after this spell is cast. The Elven guards at the gate may be wary of those lacking this species trait, but can be convinced with THIS ROLL : Wisdom + Elf  ( + influence, + performance). < ( this in case the roleplaying didnt work out, heh, heh, heh...) Within this realm, all who are allowed through the gate may make a Wisdom ( + Elf, + Mystic, + Nature ) roll.  One star restores one Life and one Power.

GNOME - the most steam punk of all the traits, the Gnome starts the game with a number of device points ( I'll keep track.) equal to their Wisdom + Gnome. Any time the Gnome trait is added to ANY Might or Agilty based rolls, a device point is subtracted. The way to replenish or add more device points is this roll : Wisdom + Gnome + Power

HOLY - a character with this trait is the sworn enemy of demons and the undead. This trait can be added to any attack roll vs them. They also have this power. 

Damnation Doom : Wisdom + Holy ( + Performance, + Mage ) EVERY DEMON AND UNDEAD on the mat will take the stars rolled as damage.

HALFLINGS - Sneaky little b------s, they are!

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