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Summary: Lord of darkness


Gender: Male

Age: ( third oldest god)

Group: Outer Deities


Beings of darkness, magic, evil, war, and undead.


The dark dimension and hell


God of darkness, war, black magic, war, evil, undead,beings of darkness and undead.
Ruler of dark gods

Physical Appearance

The pic, 18'6 ft tall

Personality and interests

Evil, wants the world to surrounded by darkness, cold hearted, merciless, deceiver, and wants to destroy the heavens and rule the other gods.


The strong live, the weak die. Love is a lie, sin is graceful in his eyes.

How are they worshipped?

Worshipped by sacrifices, offerings, and sin or war


The darkness, playing with mortals, powerful worshippers, beings of darkness and sin


The light, beings of good, the heaven, and pure hearted beings

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Image of Tiekious
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