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Summary: Progress for the sake of progress.

Adallindis Cynebald Glazier

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Gender: Female

Age: 1

Group: Mortals


Is a patron of Vanta and thus people who follow him are likely to side with her.


She follows all of her god's tenets but she favors Creation.


Is Vanta's personally appointed priestess.

Physical Appearance

As a Suntithenai she was created fully formed. She's relatively short at 5'4 and has a scrawny build that is deceptively durable if lacking in strength. She is deathly pale with wild black tipped white hair that reaches her waist. She more often than not wears baggy pants with bandages covering her chest. If the weather proves too difficult she may don a tattered cloak.

Personality and interests

Unlike the god she reveres she is hardly expressive, and she seldom reveals her thoughts to others outside or her sermons. She has developed a keen interest in innovation and progress.


Like her deity she values one's personal freedom above all else and views taking away someone's freedom as the worst sin. She also believes that anyone who makes something new or brings about new discoveries is deserving of respect, leading to her admiration for scholars.

How are they worshipped?

She is adamant on refusing praise and tells others to direct their thanks towards Vanta, but with that said she does garner respect from other followers.


Sweets, the stars, Vanta(he finds this a bit creepy), reading and other followers.


Control, Jakhara(Vanta insists it's not his fault), not understanding something and stagnation.

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Image of Adallindis Cynebald Glazier
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