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Summary: Oh really?


Gender: No Gender

Age: Since the first thought formed

Group: Main Pantheon


Way Finders
Any seeking knowledge


Phronesis contains all knowledge, past, present and future.


Main god.

Physical Appearance

Often takes the appearance that blends into his surroundings, able to transform into any creature or object to hide.
Within his main temple, takes the form of an elder, bent over with age and appearing blind.

Personality and interests

Phronesis takes an almost obsessive interest in the universe, although he knows all, he believes it is his duty to experience what he knows.
This had lead him to be very distant to those around him, treating everything as a chance to observe and experience.
Although he has a stable following, they know that he does not offer protection, rather, he would observe his followers being cut down or attacked, just to see how it plays out.


Knowledge is his obsession and he sees no wrongdoing in underhanded tactics to gain it. As such, those that follow him are expected to do whatever it takes to gain the knowledge they seek, no matter how depraved or condemning.

How are they worshipped?

The Way Finders worship him fervently, always hoping for a glimpse of eldritch knowledge. In order to entice their god, they seek out knowledge worthy to trade, some snippet of gossip that Phronesis may find entertaining. A few have begun conducting dark experiments, hoping to draw his attention with a new experience.


Although he knows all, he thoroughly enjoys hearing about what his followers have found out for themselves, harboring a secret pride in the abilities and drive of those that entertain him.


Those that do not seek knowledge for themselves, preferring to continue praying to him. He abhors those that feel confined in their pursuits, for clearly they do not desire the answers they seek.

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Image of Phronesis
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