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Summary: Let life begin anew

The Spring Trio

Gender: Female

Age: 4500

Group: Main Pantheon


Druid circles


Areas of the world that feature winter and summer. They bring the thaw, the revival and the growth.


Main gods

Physical Appearance

Each takes a different form.
Thaw: an elderly women, kind in appearance and mannerisms, though can often be cold and gruff. Is seen wearing a thick gown, with furs around the collar.
Revival: A young woman in her prime, often appearing well endowed. She often wears apparel commonly seen in druidic circles during festivals.
Growth: Appears as a young child, adorned in flower bracelets and a primitive cloth dress.

Personality and interests

Each of the sisters treat mortals with love, though they especially adore the druids that rever nature.
Thaw is friendly when approached, often cheerful to have company. She is not as warm as the others however, often not speaking while she busies herself. There are days when she can be gruff with visitors, usually if they are rude or intrusive.
Revival is very expressive, often being overbearing in her cheer.
She loves all living things, often seen away from her sisters to be amongst mortals or wildlife. Although she aids in bringing life after winter, she is not able to revive the dead, leading to bouts of sadness when she encounters corpses.
Growth, although appearing as a youth, is arguably the wisest of the sisters, for Growth not only is for the plants and creatures, but of the mind. To learn from the past year and become greater than you were.
In the presence of mortals, she will act shy, but warms up to those who visit and play with her often.


Enjoy life, never be afraid to grow, and even at it's worst, better times will come.

How are they worshipped?

Druids praise them, celebrating festivals in thier honor.
Offerings are left in areas they are most likely to appear.




Any cruelty
Those that give no value to life

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