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Summary: Trickster power

Malloy Mixilpxlt

Gender: Male

Age: 1500 years

Group: Main Pantheon


People who love to drink and make merriment




Minor deity

Physical Appearance

Malloy is a short half goblin half gnome he has grey ruddy skin greyish hair

Personality and interests

When mortal Malloy loved to drink. Play pranks and entertain people at the guilded goblin tavern. He loved going on adventures.

When the last trickster deities power he knew it was time to pass his godhood on to another before he died and the powers were lost. He had met Malloy before when he gave him the sack of infinite holding. And passed the powers along to him. The only person ever brave enough to prank a god


Malloy always gets the last laugh and the last guy who crossed him spent 20 years trapped in the underworld

How are they worshipped?

Shrines with a silver goblet on a alter those who wish to commune with Malloy fill the cup and leave trickets Malloy's favorite is puppets or dolls to add to his collection


Getting drunk
His bag of toys
Telling stories


Stuffy people
Running out of booze
People touching his bag

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Image of Malloy Mixilpxlt
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