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Summary: All must know me in time, even my creators.


Gender: Male

Age: Third oldest being

Group: Main Pantheon


Any who seek to understand death and their fate.
Many druids and shamans worship him along with the Spring Trio.
Tengu- Raven headed servants that often deal with business on the mortal plane.


Holds the souls of the dead and sorts them according to how deeds in life.


Primordial Main Gods(One of the first to appear and one of the most powerful.)

Physical Appearance

Usually appears to mortals as a giant robed figure with many skeletal arms.
When in his realm or amongst other gods, takes the form of a giant withered old man, only wearing ragged pants.
In both forms he carries a scythe.

Personality and interests

He is a very serious diety with a bleak pessimistic view on Creation.
Usually busy judging the dead, he often sends his Tengu to deal with disciples asking for his aid.
His interests are few, he will very rarely find a soul that amuses him, in which case he will take it under his personal care.
He doesn't care for other gods, including the Outer dieties. As one of the oldest beings, he thinks of the other gods as little children, not yet mature enough to respectfully command their posts.
Only Vanta and Jakhara elicit any respect from Rajhan.


Live life as you please.
Only accept your fate and be at peace with your judgement.

How are they worshipped?

Many of his followers try different ways to gain their God's notice.
Some try sacrifices, while others try offerings left at altars.
Those that Rajhan answers are simple prayers, asking for understanding in their fate and their death.


A select few that have caught his attention both in life and in death, he enjoys talking philosophy with them.
Souls that accept their judgement in peace.


God's that ask or demand his aid.
Souls that do not accept their death and judgement
Mortal heroes hoping to regain lost loved ones

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Image of Rajhan
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