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Summary: Ch'Axtqe, all unknowing, theoretical, any misinformed.

Ch'Axtqe, The Great Unknown One

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Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Group: Outer Deities


None shall, or do, intentionally worship The Great Unknown One. Being a God of all things hidden (ranging from items to knowledge), all who withhold knowledge, beings, or possessions. With the knowledge clause, genocides are mostwhat of which that qualify as "followers."


Every, and anything, which are not acknowledged for any amount of time. This includes both physical/metaphysical, and mental / metaphorical / digital things.


The Great Unknown One has no set rank. This not only due to his rank being kept hidden, but that the ones who could be able to disagree with The Great Unknown One's rank do not know of their existence.

Physical Appearance

The Great Unknown One, being all-unknowing, does not have a concurrent visible appearance. However, with more and more dimensions, The Great Unknown One's figure can show the are, in layman's terms, that of a static, steel gray, gelatinous, human-shaped being.

Personality and interests

The Great Unknown One has definable personality beyond "questionable", "oblivious", or "unsubtle", and may or may not, ocassionaly: state things which will soon become known, warn mortals of gruesome events (only for personal gains), and toy with the elderly.

The Great Unknown One typically uses his time wisely, performing his godly duties. However, in any amount of free time The Great Unknown One
has, they may be found playing instruments long forgotten, reciting stories long untold, or taunting humans by changing the chemical composition of damascus steel.


As everything else, The Great Unknown One intended to keep his Dogma a secret, however, due to his secret being "keep secrets" this was not possible.

How are they worshipped?

The Great Unknown One is never intentionally worshipped, as his existence is unknown. However, The Great Unknown One is patron to all who withhold or destroy unique things (I.e. arsonists, lobotomists, hypnotists) and those who die with withheld information (I.e. the elderly, non-vaxinated children, minorities), and by preforming their described duties. China, also, celebrates The Great Unknown One every June 4th, when the government denies the Tiananman Massacre.


-The withholding of information
-the degradation of human society as a collective


-"Knowledge" Gods
-Those who seek the truth
-Digital filekeeping
Those who seek immortality or invulnerability

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