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Summary: The space between me and the other gods are Indefinite


Gender: Male

Age: 8,000,432 [ Fifth oldest God]

Group: Outer Deities


Choros is worshipped by the 5th Guardian Order. They are a recognized religion and have become prominent in their towns that it is in. The followers are very religious and have a lot of dedication towards Choros. 5th Guardian Order has built multiply temples across the land which has taken many of his followers years to make. Each day of the year they walk around the temples with a chalice and a holy book reciting 1 verse for each time they walk around[a total of 13 verse]


Choros rules over space and celestial bodies. Choros is responsible for the sun and the celestial bodies that are in the galaxy. Another thing that he is responsible for the solar system's functions and the other planets' atmospheres. One thing is that he can manipulate is space like expanding the space of the room while the area outside is the same size.


Outer Deity

Physical Appearance

Choros takes on the form of a 21-year-old man. His physical appearance is a Black-haired wild , short style. Choros has grey colored eyes and has a mesomorph build. While on earth he wears a grey cloak and underneath a blazer.

Personality and interests

Choros is like a child. He needs entertainment or he gets bored easily. Choros likes interacting with humans as he sees them as wildcards or unpredictable. Now, he likes using his powers to start some chaos but may go overboard when he is having too much 'fun'. From time to time Chronos makes act as a human to see if he can go on an adventure and do something but he keeps it a secret as he doesn't want the other gods finding out. He can seem very childish but he can be serious if someone he's close to is hurt.


Choros has a few rules which he wants his followers to follow. He states that one shall not prey on one's emotions. Another is that all shall be treated equally or they will be ignored. The government may not control the lives of the people by force. One may not worship a false god of any other choice or they will be punished.

How are they worshipped?

Choros is worshipped in his temples on the Day of Sun which is every 8 days. They bring food and other objects which they burn and take the ashes and put it in the river symbolizing giving it to their god. One special tradition they do is that they always do on the 1st Day of Sun of the year is they have bowls on their front door which people take from. The priests also bless their temples by adding symbols to the sides which are supposed to give Choro's Blessing to the town.


Chaotic things
Exotic Objects
Artistic expressions.


Goody Two-shoes
Somewhat Jakhara [ Due to his strict discpline]
Rude People

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