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Summary: In Unity, so too in Balance. As above, so below


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Gender: Female

Age: Ancient

Group: Main Pantheon


Followers range from common folk to some nobility.


Balance, Unity


Sixth oldest god

Physical Appearance

Usually depicted as a fey-ish, humanoid woman. Tall, with ebony hair and white skin, her eyes are grey in color. She is usually depicted in tight, yet loose-flowing robes of white/grey.

Personality and interests

Volound is a neutral god, preferring to keep the balance between mortals and the other deities and to bind all together. While potentially as powerful as any of the gods, her drive to see balance and unity amongst all, along with her neutral view of creation, makes her ill suited to engage the gods.

She takes interest of the mortal plane only when an imbalance of good and evil and law and chaos permeates the plane. Otherwise, she ensures that the domains of many are kept even as well as ensuring the gateways between all are connected to the Prime Material Plane.


Seek onto thy brethren, a sense of nothing; thou art balanced in sin and piety

Seek onto thy neighbors, a sense of brotherhood; thou art same in blood and spirit

Unified be thoust action, for action is done against thee


Volound's dogma seeks to keep the balance of forces while unifying all. If one becomes strong, so too must another. When all have been unified, all are strong in spirit and body.

In the power of Balance, one has full control over any and all wants and needs. One must seek pious means as much as sin, to know poverty and richness.

In the power of Unity, one has full control of the bonds that bind many. One most seek to unite all through common causes, in joint ventures, and hearts and minds.

How are they worshipped?

Volound is usually worshipped through prayers and incantations of scripture, though she does accept ritual sacrifices and animal sacrifices. Priests pray at dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight and accept anyone, be they evil or good.

People of the faith that fail Her are usually left to their own paths, for Volound does not force her followers to worship her. Those that seek to destroy the power of Balance and Unity earn her wrath by being exiled from the planes spiritually, forever banished from truly dying until their penance has been paid.

She takes particular interest in judicial gatherings, battlefields, and marriages.


True Love
Mortal Interactions (from time to time)


Outright destruction
Complete chaos
Complete order
Racism/Segregation of race and church

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Image of Volound
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