Jakhara tensed his jaw, his position on free will was no secret. For him, freedom was like handing a knife to a child.

"Ah, of course. Always a catch. Though to be fair, you are not creating them, the humans are. So I think that's a choice for them to make. I wouldn't trust someone to have the power of creation if I didn't believe they were if sound mind and jurisprudence. Of course, that's just me. I would like to bestow this power unto our emissaries. Selena and one of your lot would be our trial. We observe what they create and then determine if the creation of the Suntithenai should be continued. I would admonish you though, don't be so naive as to believe that these creations will necessarily function benevolently. You've already witnessed the atrocities that humans perpetuate because you granted them agency, only a fool makes the same mistake twice."

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