Another year, another expansion, and unfortunately another war. Jakhara's empire had expanded to nearly every land in the northeastern hemisphere of their world. His model for life was functional and efficient. His people may not be free, but they are safe, fed, and happy. They sing and dance, praising he, their lord. Yes, it was grand.

With the addition of Suntithenai warriors to his ranks, Shenandoah was virtually unstoppable. He respected the boundaries of his brothers though, ensuring that his Order not trespass their domains. Of course, the same couldn't be said for some. Tiekious' beasts continued to terrorize his people. Normally they were dispatched rather swiftly, but lately they'd become more aggressive and violent.

Jakhara sat in the throne room, Selena to his right side as the people expressed their annual grievances. One after the other they all had roughly the same problem... Orcs and Trolls. The massive creatures would tear through villages, indiscriminately slaughtering anyone and everyone for no particular reason. They simply fed on chaos and gratuitous violence.

After the assembly had concluded, Jakhara ushered everyone out of the throne room, accompanied only by Selena. He turned to her, seeking her advice. Even gods needed perspective occasionally.

"My child, what would you have me do? Should I wage war on Tiekious? It seems he cannot control the monsters he creates..."

Selena placed her hand on his shoulder, "What would that accomplish father? Is war the only course of action? Perhaps you could reason with Tiekious as you did Lord Vanta."

Jakhara shook his head, standing up to pace across the marble floors. "No... Vanta is noble and rational. Tiekious is neither. Like his creatures he seeks to impose chaos and terror. He believes that exalting himself as my antithesis achieves some sort of balance. Of course, I couldn't explain the fallacy of that to him given his primitive rationale."

Selena slumped down in her throne, unsure of how to console her god. It was an odd position to be in. "Well, then plead to Lord Vanta again. Gain his allegiance against Tiekious. Surely he can't oppose the both of you."

"Vanta is heavily misguided by some quasi-noble pacifism. He is a god of ideas, not action. He creates without any consideriation of the consequences. But... as I said he is rational. Perhaps he can be reasoned with."

Jakhara returned to his throne, activating his beacon to Vanta and Tiekious... hoping a solution could be achieved.

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