The Birth Of A Trickster

Malloy Mixilpxlt was very old and in his 4th century when he died in his bed. Upon hid death his soul was sent to the former god of trickery who himself was waining in his power. This God knew the only way to stop this was to pass his power on to somebody.

Malloy Awoke and standing there was the God of Trickery and Debauchery in the form of a glowing light. Something was wrong though this glow was fading.

"Malloy it is I whom gave you your sack. I need your help. I am dying, I must pass my power on to a worthy soul to take my place or it will fade forever."

"Me," Malloy says with doubt. "I am just a Gnoblin a Trog I am flattered my lord but i am hardly worthy."

"Your humility and honesty are part of why i picked you but the main reason is how much i have enjoyed your exploits." The god says.

"Take my goblet and staff symbols of my power and make merriment unto the whole world. The god holds out a goblet in one hand and a staff in another.

Malloy cautiously reaches out to take them and as soon as he touches them he feels a sudden surge of power come over him. When done Malloy was wearing black and red hooded leather clothes he had the staff in one hand and hooked to his belt was a wine bottle and the goblet the dietie who gave him his powers faded into nothingness.

"Wow this power is incredbible" Malloy says. He also noticed that he is not where he was he is now in a feasting hall that is empty. "No no no this will not due," Malloy says. He taps the staff on the floor and suddenly the hall is filled with musicans dancing girls and revellers. A throne sits at one end of the hall. "This place is so drab,"Malloys says"he taps it again and it is instantly changed to suit Malloy's Taste. He sits on his throne and enjoys the party.

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