Its all fun and games

Malloy who evemtually grew tired of sitting in his feasting hall, Decided it was time to go out onto the world. So he grabbed his magic sack of tricks and was about head out when he heard a voice in his mind. "Please lord Mixlypxl hear my call. We the people of Calathran. Need ypur help."

"Mortals" Malloy said exasperatedly. "Fine" he knows. Of this town as its bar the lonely adventurer as it was a frequent stop for himself when he was a mortal. He thinks of the shrine there and poof he is transported there.

"Why have you summoned the lord of mischief and merriment." Malloy says trying to be intimidating. " apologies lord but ogres have come through and stolen all our. Cattle and goats." The man explains. " You have summoned me here for cattle and goats" Malloy says angrily. "That is a gross misuse of my power" Malloy tells the villager.
"Hire a mercenary to dispatch them.
"We did lord Mixilpxlt ten of them and they were slaughtered." He tells the trickster. "We have all heard of your exploits against trolls and ogres" he tells Malloy. "Please help us my lord we brought you an offering of expensive wine." Malloy waves his hand and the cup glides towards him. He smells the wine swirls it and takes a drink. "Mmm Cathlar brothers 1221 a great year," Malloy exclaims. All right i will help you." Malloy tells the villagers "Oh thank you master the village elder says. "We will bring your shrine offerings off trinkets and wine."

Malloy says. "be back in a flash" and disappears.

To be continued

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