It's all fun and games pt 2

Malloy appears not far from where the ogres were camped. He regognized the trio of ogres imediately. He has had several run in with them. Gurry, Surly, And Po. He had to come up with a plan. Even if he was immortal he needed to come up with a plan to outsmart them. Which should be incredibly easy considering how stupid ogres are.

Malloy waited till it was late and the ogres who were drinking when Malloy first spotted them were good and drunk now and were passed out. Malloy used magic to turn invisible. He grabbed rope out of his bag and tied Surly's feet together. He giggled with glee as he gets behind a bush and uses a spell to smack With a fallen log and place it into the Surly's hand. Gurry is shocked awake and he sees the surly holding the stump, he grabs it out of his hand. "What's amatta with you," he says. He begins beating him with the stump. Surly ogre gets up and tries to run and falls to the ground. The Po grabs the log out of his hand. "Will you two bone heads keep it down." Surly unties his feet and stands up. "I'm a victim of circumastance." He proclaims. "Circumstance this" he as goes to slap him but Surly ducks and he smacks Gurry in the face. Surly makes a face at Po, And Po tries to smack Surly again and once again Surly ducks and he smacks Gurry. "He what did you do that for," Gurry says he goes to poke Po in the eyes and Po puts his hand in the way and Gurry pokes him on one side. This goes on for a few more minutes. Malloy makes his way to where the they have the livestock. "Hey you two numbskulls," Po says. "Settle down there's trickery afoot." Malloy gets in the middle of all the livestock. He stands on a sheep. "Hey dum dums," malloy says as he becomes visable. "Its the trog" Gurry says. "Lets get em" Surly adds. Sorry boys Malloy tells them i gotta fly with that he drives the entire herd into his bag. He then floats up above their reach and flys back towards town.


"Catch ya later boys.," Malloy waves

Later malloy arrives back at the town and tells themche has saved their animals. "But my lord where are they,: A villager asks.
Why they are right here he lays the back down and lifts the top and the animals begin to run out and grow back to normal size. "Oh thank you M'lord the villager elder says and as promised we have already begun building a shrine in your honor here in town. "Outstanding,"malloy says. "We gang it's been real and Its been fun but it aint been real fun." I gotta go i got a party to attend laters " Malloy Dissapears.

He arrives back at his hall and the party never stopped "I need a drink," malloy says. A servant brings him a goblet of wine. "Its good to be the king," malloy says as he sits in his chair and drinks.

The End

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