Phronesis had set his plan in motion months ago, his gifts from Tiekious giving his minions unstoppable freedom in their pursuits.
Being fed information from his temple, the god now felt a calm that he had been missing. Any new happenings were found and reported, any changes to the now infinite paths of history were catalogued.
Of course, mortals still changed their history. It was a tiresome nuisance that threatened to give Phronesis a headache.
"Anderson, kneel before me."
The command was spoken lightly, but was heard by his vigilant servant, who appeared in a swirl of magic and shadow.
"I can sense something disturbs you Great One. Give me the command so I may ease your burden."
He enjoyed Anderson's devotion, he had taken to his gifts very well and was now one of his elite.
"It is the mortals, they try so hard to change their fate, yet in the end die as foretold. While it cheers my essence to see my followers pursue their goals, it is the ones who have no goals, who just shred destiny whilly nilly."
Phronesis stood from his throne and looked out of the open wall of the temple.
"I know all, yet with each break of this worlds future, I am flooded with knowledge of what could be. I wish for the time when it was a straight line, the world knew its place and was content."
Anderson turned, looking up from his knelt position.
"My Lord, forgive me for not understanding your desires."
Sighing, Phronesis motioned for his servant to join him.
"I need the mortals to be fear change, to be afraid of straying from the path set for them. Do this for me Anderson, and I will make you my champion."
A flame of determination lit in the Shades eyes, then in a puff of smoke, a hawk flew into the open air to achieve his task.
Phronesis sat upon his throne once more, knowing there had been a multitude of ways around this.

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