Eldritch Power

With several Shades within Petlondail and Anderson completing his orders, Phronesis was given the time to complete his end of the bargain. To give Tiekious the knowledge of an unstoppable army. He thought it was odd that a being of chaos and destruction couldn't do so on its own, but he didn't argue. After all, one cannot create when all they are meant to do is destroy.
Moving several tables around him with a few simple gestures, he set about weaving the great spell. Much of its incantation had been sealed in the vaults of Petlondail and had been gathered with many a narrow escape, but it was finally in one place once more. He remembered seeing it in person, long ago when a human had used it. She had been a ruthless warlord that sought the world and almost succeeded in her conquest, if not for the small shrine to Vanta that one of her hordes had trampled. Phronesis chuckled at the memory of her demise, her stone figure now used as the holiest of sites to the deity.
Still reciting the spell, the runes on the sheets of paper began to glow a sickly pink and he could feel the power being released from its prison. For the first time in his immortal life, Phronesis began to feel his powers drain, so much so that as he spoke the final word, he was sent flying into the wall, crumpling to the ground in an exasperated heap.
Finding his footing, he found his way to the now levitating pages, he had unlocked it. Now all that was needed was a word, which he would present to his chaotic uncle when next they met.

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