There was once a small grove near the eastern coast.

It lay far from civilization, far from the touches of greedy "cityfolk". It was this grove that Revival went to for solitude from her sisters. To not be mistaken, she loved Thaw and Growth with all of her being, but being connected to other beings brought its own burdens.
Thaw's encounter with their brother had made everyone tense. Very few were the visits he made and they always ended with Thaw losing control. Revival stopped her thoughts to take a deep breath, not wanting to get lost in her somber mood. Being the more passionate of the Trio and her powers being influenced by her emotions, it was easy for things to get out of hand.
Case in point- The rock she sat upon was now covered in various insects and other small creatures. Rabbits and deer had joined her as well, attracted to her invigorating powers.
Carefully lifting a grasshopper, she marveled at the simplicity of its life, only driven by hunger. Yet, it was made by nature and fit seamlessly into the fabric of life.
Distracted by her companion, she was nudged by a buck in order to alert her to an approaching presence, one that nature did not like. Standing from her rock, Revival had only moments to dodge a club swung by a grotesque troll, saliva and curses flinging from its toothy maw.
Looking upon her abhorred attacker, she spent little time using her magic to defend herself, the deer attacking the monster with quick jabs and fierce antlers.
The beast grabbed one by its rack, twisting its neck with a horrid snap, before devouring it before the mortified revival.
She loved nature, all nature. Although she knew it was natural, death was an aspect that saddened her immensely. Today however, the utter desecration of her beloved pets enraged the goddess, her veins glowing a deep green.
You have trespassed upon the sacred grove of Revival and attacked not only myself, but those that would defend me. You are an abomination to nature and must be destroyed
As the troll came out of its blind feeding, it witnessed the shapely humanoid form burst apart, revealing the giant form of a dryad. Even before it could recover from its awe, the goddess savagely tore the troll apart, silent vengeance demanding no piece remain.

There once was a sacred grove near the eastern coast. Any who venture to find it never return.

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