Ancient Tome

Hours had gone by and still no sign of his uncle. Phronesis strained as several possibilities presented themselves to him, the wave of knowledge temporarily blinding the god.
He had recited the proper ritual, presented several sacrifices and had even lain out an idol of his uncle. Standing from his kneeling position, he waved a hand to snuff out the candles.
"Uncle, damn you, show yourself!"
Although his elder by millennia, it was easy to lose patience over a being that personified chaos.
Looking to the table placed at the back of the chamber he had used for the summoning, he lightened his mood by examining the still floating pages. Even at a distance he could feel the pull, his very essence being drained into the cursed tome.
He couldn't think of its name, for it had none. Its creation had been one of the darkest acts the ancient mortal races had committed in their pursuit to surpass the gods.
In another place, another time, Phronesis had feared these pages.
The power to kill a god.
A shade entered the chamber, his head bent low so as not to disrespect his lord.
"Your will?"
"This is my decree. None will enter this chamber, not even you. I will be traveling."
Thomas bent slightly to convey he understood, then shifted out of the room to tell the others.
Looking once more at the tome, Phronesis adjusted a few of the rune circles to serve a different purpose. Reciting his spell, he vanished in a cloud of smoke.

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