Jakhara had taken over helm of the pantheon after his brother's strange disappearance. He believed Vanta became too overwhelmed to deal with the calamity that his creations imposed on one another, and thus decided to retire his involvement. As a result of his new rank, Jakhara had less and less time to tend to his human regime, and he hadn't visited his daughter in years. There truly was no excuse, he simply allowed his own construction to consume him more than he should have. It was pitiful. While going about his central duties as over deity, he came to be aware of a rising number of new gods being born and interacting with humankind in a variety of ways. Most of these new born gods were neutral, occasionally abusing their power but for the most part staying well behaved. Even though he hadn't be sufficiently involved with the worlds in some time, the people and the gods still revered his code and as such, sought not to inspire any wrath. Jakhara decided it was time to revisit his world, his kingdom, but most importantly, his daughter.

He descended into the palace of Shenandoah, his presence rippling through the rooms as a shock wave. Everyone stopped to awe at the return of their god, who's visage had been ingrained in their memories from years past. He walked past the bowing subjects and entered the throne room. This would be the first time he had visited Selena in 6 years. Upon entry, the occupants of the throne room all bowed, and Selena dropped the scroll she was reading from. For so long she thought her father had abandoned her, but now here he was; strolling into her castle as if no time had passed. Rather than the joy he expected to see, Selena appeared angry and betrayed. While Jakhara couldn't read her mind, his intuition was enough to know she was not pleased with him.

Selena bowed before him, "It is wonderful to know your presence again my lord. For what do I owe the honor?" Her tone was short, and nearly devoid of affection. Jakhara was grieved, he could feel the distance between them. The last they had interacted was upon the vanquishing of those horrid creatures ravaging the outer villages years ago. After they were dealt with, Vanta disappeared and Tiekious also retired to his own devices. It had been ages since he'd heard from either of them. He left then, attempting to bring the rest of the cosmos into his order, unbound by sibling treaty. This appeared to have cost him too much.

"I know you are upset with me daughter, but please accept my sincerest apologies for my absence. You have ruled over your people well, and your Empire has expanded even further without my assistance. After my brothers vanished, I had much to attend to. I realize now that I should have made more time to spend with you. I hope to earn your forgiveness, if you'll allow it." Jakhara approached her, then gestured for the rest of the noblemen and women to rise. Tanathas and Azimir stood at her side, just as he'd commanded so many years ago.

"Well, I suppose there is always a path to redemption. Even for the gods. Father, I am glad to have you back, but I'm hesitant to accept your return is genuine. How can I allow myself to love you so intensely again, only to be abandoned when you find other matters more important than I? Did you know I had to fight a civil war in your absence? Our loyal servant, Horace, fell in that horrid conflict. I expected to see you at his memorial, yet you never appeared. He was devoted to you, just as the rest of us. Was our devotion not enough?" Selena turned to dismiss the rest of the chamber, hoping to continue the rest of their conversation in private.

As the people left the room, Jakhara took a seat beside his emissary. "Again, I cannot express how grieved I am to have left you alone for so long. I'm remiss to make excuses. My brothers are gone, and I'm sure you've noticed the vacuum that has been left as a result of that."

"Of course father, it is that vacuum I have worked so tirelessly to fill. I read the codex every night, hoping to be inspired by your wisdom and to feel your warmth again, but I only felt more alone. If I open my heart to you again, what is to stop you from vacating it as you have twice before? I don't expect you to center your world around me, but I would hope that years do not pass between our visitation. It was you who established my reign, my empire. It was you who saved me from the naive, weak child I once was. And.. it was you who hardened me after your abandonment. The kingdom has flourished under my rule, despite your neglect. I just simply cannot bring myself to welcome you back." Selena stood up and straightened her dress, she had grown into a rather remarkable woman. She loved her father, but she refused to allow that love to betray her again.

"I understand, love. I can assure you that I shall never depart for such lengths again. This was an exceptional circumstance. Forgive me Selena." He braced her shoulders while she looked away from him, tears beginning to swell in her eyes. She had missed him painfully, and at this point could no longer maintain the facade.

"I will forgive you, in time. Pierce your veil and see if you must. Or, trust your daughter is true to her word. Like you, I favor action over words. Even a god must earn trust." She broke away from his embrace and reopened the throne room to her constituents. As the people flooded back into the room, Jakhara took his seat on the Grand Throne, next to Selena's. He was back, and he intended to stay. What would be the next order of business?

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