Shift in the Balance

A void.
He could feel it in his essence. His brother was gone.
Tiekious had been brooding for a time, something that disturbed him as it wasn't in his usual nature. What brought him to this state was the chance for war, a war like none other.
His only issue, his brothers.
Throughout their long lives, they had balanced each other. His own chaos countering Jakhara's disgusting order and vice versa. The only thing keeping them from all out war?
If he was truly gone.....
Rising from his demonic throne, he gazed at the mortal realm from the heavens and smiled with wicked glee.
His nephew had succeeded and it was time.
A billow of smoke announced Phronesis's return, though when it fell away, nothing.
Come now nephew. You know better than to use cowardice in my presence.
A fly landed near the towering figure, morphing to its human form.
"Forgive me uncle, but it has not escaped my notice that we are the only things alive in this place."
A deep chuckle escaped Tiekious.
Forgive me. It has been a while since I have fed and you had such... delectable subjects.
Shifting uncomfortably, Phronesis saw several causes of this in the flow of time. Being this close to the source of chaos itself made finding the true one difficult.
"How are your nieces?"
The question produced a guffaw, a cacophony of horrid sounds that rumbled the monastery.
She is well. I must admit, being gifted with a single form will was a bit overwhelming at first.
For the first time in his existence, a shiver came over the knowledge god as he saw his sister's fate.
"And I presume our agreement is at an end?"
Not quite. I have a task for you. Go to Jakhara.
The aura of chaos had grown, where before Phronesis could easily handle it, now it seemed to feed on his being.
Before more damage could be done, he used the circle to vanish.
Tiekious never ceased grinning as he stood at the top of the monastery. The pages promised to him floated behind him, splayed out like a fan.
Drawing on his eldritch power, he broke the seals on each one. The energy coursing through ancient ink, made with the blood of a forgotten god, left each page and bound itself to Tiekious.
Roaring with laughter, he reveled in an agony that he had never known.
With a gap in the pantheon, it was his time to rule.

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