Awaken From The Grey





I awake from a long slumber. In the midst of calamity, amidst serenity. I wonder in a waking dream upon this wondrous star-filled sky. I feel the woe and pleasure, feel the Heart and Hand. Yet I feel lost. There comes a storm unlike any I have felt before, ravaging my body in tears of loss and birth. Perhaps it is time once more to remind the Hand of the Heart, once more fill the Void Of Between. Many have forgotten their own, many still remember.

I awake from a long slumber.

((The Immaterium))

The long dormant fog of Nether stirred deep within its own folds. From within, She lay in serenity. From within She stirred, perhaps hearing the calls of prayers. She shifted, content in the Balance.

She felt the razor edge of End tear at Her, snapping Her eyes open. Volound arose from Her rest to look upon the mists. Once more, an agonizing pain tore at Her. She cried out, feeling separated evermore from Love and Hate. She steadied Herself. What had happened?

Wondering in this Void Of Between would not give the answers She sought. Once more, She gathered Herself in cloth of grey, the tips of Her ears showing just through Her ebony hair. As She stepped from the mists, she stepped once more back to where it all began.


(OOC: Couldn't find Volound on the character list. Is she hidden?)

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