To Action

Rajhan had little time to get a response from Jakhara, as another figure came to his court.
A gasping Phronesis took all attention in the room, the usually quiet and proud minor god now taking a knee in order to catch his breath.
Jakhara at last stood from his throne, sending those gathered out of the room. He looked to Selena to signal for her to leave, but she refused. After being gone for so long, he couldn’t bring himself to push it.
He instead focused on the two gods before him.
“Rajhan, I do not have the answers you seek, though I feel that we will soon learn them. Speak, Phronesis.”
Assuring that his essence was whole, the god of knowledge spoke only to Jakhara.
“I was sent as a messenger. Tiekious wants war. He seeks to gain Vanta’s throne.”
Rajhan raised a brow in surprise, shocking for his constantly dull mood.
Jakhara however, lacked any change in emotion.
“Let him try, we have warred through the eons and have been equally matched.”
Seeking a way to tell of the pages and relay the severity they represented, Phronesis wove a quick spell. Grabbing a blue dust from a pouch, he threw it on the ground in an arc and recited words of animation.
Before the Elder God rose the ethereal forms of the pages Phronesis had gathered.
The sight drained the color from his face.
Selena went to her father’s side as his face twisted in a variety of emotions.
“What do those pages mean father?”
“It means Tiekious will let nothing stop him. For your part in this, I should destroy your essence Phronesis.”
Glad to have his sight and grateful for his uncles rigidity when it came to fate, the lesser god knew his own fate.
“But you won’t. I will see who will come.”
Jakhara’s glare did not cease until the crow was out of sight, then looked to his daughter as he motioned Rajhan to follow him.
“Rally the citizens and send word to the surrounding villages. We are at war and they have no hope against this foe.”
Selena nodded and went to obey. This left the god of Death, who now addressed him.
“And why have me follow? I know several gods quicker than I.”
Jakhara looked to Rajhan, his eyes telling of the regret he had in his next action.
“Many are quicker, but none can speak with the dead.”

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