Sorrow For The Lost

Phronesis, what has happened?

As the mortals made for Her glade, She sensed the god in question. His presence grew stronger, a crow diving into the ground to explode in a puff of black-blue smoke. Phronesis stood in place of the smoke after it had cleared.

"Volound, you look well. Makes sense that you would arrive at such a time."

"Such a time?" She said, confused. "The planes were..." Her voice faltered as She felt a sickening sensation come over her. "It is not the planes that have awaken me. Something else has happened, something else that caused an imbalance."

She glanced to the overcast skies. "Something else that is missing," She finished. Volound turned Her gaze to the god. He had been quiet while She tried to gather Herself. She suddenly realized what was missing, shock playing on Her face.

"Vanta..." She breathed. The look from Him only confirmed Her own thoughts. Tears welled in Her eyes at such a loss. "How?"

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