Oath of Double Edge

“The question on everyone's lips. Sadly, my own glimpse into the rivers of fate is blind when I try to see what became of him. He is gone and he does not want to be found.”

Volound could not fathom how that was possible. Perhaps the most powerful god could not locate Him, something unheard of to the deity. The look of pity covered His face but it vanished quickly when He spoke next.

“Tiekious seeks to take his place. His power has grown and if he is not stopped, he will kill Jakhara. Will you aid us?”I

She searched Herself for the answer. The answer was obvious to none but Her. Yet, Her power had not fully returned; Her Faith was weakened from the slumber, She would need Her strength once again to fulfill Her divine duty.

"Yes," She answered. She looked to Him. "I shall. The Balance must be kept at all costs. Chaos must not be allowed to reign unchecked upon this world, not upon the Heavens. If One Rules All, there shall be a calamity that will befall this realm. You know this true, Phronesis? I cannot allow this to happen."

Volound Swore to Him with a step forward. "As my Sworn Vigilance of My Duties, I will assist you and your cause Phronesis." While weak of Faith, Her divinity was still powerful. Not enough to best Tiekious in a fight, but more than enough for Her at least begin the long task ahead with great progress. Though, She knew the He was already aware of Her own side, and the Balance would eventually changed for Her to become his and his cause's enemy.

She turned to look at the burning hut, the roof collapsing as the smoke billowed into the sky. "I am ready. I will go Jakhara."

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