To Judge a Book

Hearing the goddess proclaim her support was no surprise, but it was a reassuring event nonetheless. He knew of the power she wielded when at full strength and they would need it.
"Seek out the Lord of Order in his main city of Shenandoah. You should be able to sense his presence as you get close."
He idly thought to provide more directions, but the paths he saw gave no indication that she would become lost. Instead, he leaped back into the sky to continue his search.
Within the catacombs of his holy city, Jakhara tread with care as he led Rajhan deeper into the earth.
"You still have no answered me, Jakhara. Who is it that you wish to contact?"
"Long ago, there was a warrior queen that sought to conquer. Tiekious wanted her as his champion, while I wanted her head for such chaos. Vanta silenced our arguments, wanting see how the other humans would react. At the time, the only shrines outside of select temples and hidden caves were Vanta's. In her hubris, the warrior had entreated the gods for more power and in our ignorance, she was gifted a tome that had the power to rule, but only with proper understanding."
Waving a hand, torches lit at his command. Here, in the depths of his shining capital, Jakhara gazed upon a mural that made his essence quiver with rage.
"She struck down a goddess of chaos, a child of Tiekious. Although we began to question our gift, Vanta once more silenced us. Freedom was his core attribute and if this mortal sought to be a god, then it would be a unique experience."
The mural displayed the aforementioned diecide. A woman clad in rough metal armor and skins stood triumphant over a broken form. From the goddess's shimmering essence, the warrior had stolen it and placed it within the pages of the tome, to increase her own might and rival the gods.
"In a moment of pure arrogance, the woman demanded to be worshiped above all. Above even Vanta, creator and father to the world. She destroyed a roadside shrine, but before he could enact punishment, the tome did his work for him."
He looked to the final part of the wall, which displayed the price paid by the warrior. Screaming in agony, the tome stole her essence and bound it within the tome as well, leaving a stone husk behind.
"What I ask of you defies all that I am. However, in order to know what powers Tiekious has unlocked, we need to speak to the goddess that died to fuel its power. Can you do that?"
Rajhan quickly nodded, while many had forgotten her name, he had been her shepherd for millennia.
"I will need only a moment, then be ready. She has not forgotten your role in her demise."

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