Image of Julius Maddox (aka Nineveh)

Summary: Loyalty keeps you alive

Julius Maddox (aka Nineveh)

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Gender: Male

Age: 419 years

Group: Maddox Family

Race [Human/Enchanted]



Patriarch of the Maddox Crime Family.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Julius usually dresses in work clothes as he spends most of his time on his horse ranch. He doesn't don the usual formal wear that you would expect of a mafia don.

Personality and interests

Julius is deeply loyal to those who return the courtesy. He takes care of his family and never leaves them out to dry. However, almost any transgression is a capital offense to him and he responds ruthlessly. He enjoys music and the outdoors above much else, and rarely ever engages in romantic pursuits. He prefers the isolation though he will occasionally attend social gatherings when necessary for public perception.


Julius was born in England in the year 1599 under King James I. His father and mother were both human and upon discovering his abilities they fled to the new world in 1607 for fear of persecution by the church, and settled in Jamestown. Growing up, Julius used his abilities mostly to help people but given the superstition of the era he was branded a witch. His parents were hanged but he managed to escape. He journeyed west to Paiute territory where he was adopted and raised by a tribal Chief named Makhuma. The Paiute saw him as an emissary of the divine and welcomed him whole heartedly. It was the first time people didn't fear him. He lived with Paiutes for over 200 years, but once again his family was destroyed by fear mongers. After the military killed most of his tribe, he managed to inspire those who remained to slaughter them in retaliation. He enchanted their weapons, ensuring the Cavalry wouldn't stand a chance. Since then he has remained on that land, establishing his horse ranch and acting as the chief for what remains of the Southern Paiutes and a few dozen others now known as the Maddox family.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

Julius has the ability to regenerate almost instantly from even the most fatal traumas. He can even transfer this ability to heal others, something that he exploits for favors. He can also afflict people with diseases, hallucinations or even kill them instantly by attacking their organs, such as stopping someone's heart with a glance. His strength and speed are enhanced to some degree but not to the same extent as other Enchanted might be. His most revered ability is his telekinesis, which allows him to manipulate objects and people without moving a muscle. Despite these abilities, Julius can be permanently damaged or even killed by animals as he cannot heal from wounds inflicted by them.

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Image of Julius Maddox (aka Nineveh)
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