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Summary: I see magic everywhere ... and I will put an end to it.

Colton Boyle

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Group: M.E.C.A

Race [Human/Enchanted]



Cover: Independent photojournalist (paparazzi)

Physical Appearance

5'10" and pale Colton does not stand out at all in a crowd. Not handsome but not homely with short brown hair and sad eyes he is obviously fit (but not bulky) and looks a few years older than his 39 years. Plain t-shirts, blue jeans and a beat up brown leather jacket are staples of his bland style choices.

Personality and interests

Quiet and driven Colton is a focused and capable agent. He lives alone and simply taking joy from his work and extensive record collection. Colton is a loner, but not by choice.


Colton Henry Boyle was born in Pasadena California October 1st 1979. His life was painfully normal until 1991 when his father killed his mother, sister and himself in a strange fit of madness. Orphaned Colt was placed in an abusive foster home and was lucky to escape as a gifted student to an early college program in Albuquerque New Mexico. There he met a professor who would change his life and through magical scrying inform him that his father was innocent. Professor Grant informed Colt his father had been magically mind controlled, used to murder his family for reasons unknown. Professor Grant is an ex member of M.E.C.A and remains a research partner and recruitment agent. After 7 years at Albuquerque studying a variety of topics and working for Prof Grant Colt joined M.E.C.A as a junior agent in 2004. His career has been up and down in that time his efforts hampered by depression and addiction to medications.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

M.E.C.A signet ring
Rod of Judgement
SLR Camera with full mystic spectrum lens

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Image of Colton Boyle
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