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Summary: If you want to know the truth, hold no opinions

Kaleo Eaglebearer

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Gender: Male

Age: 390

Group: Maddox Family

Race [Human/Enchanted]



Captain of the Maddox Family

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 240lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Kaleo dresses however he feels like.

Personality and interests

Kaleo doesn't have much personality. He's very blunt and prefers to be left to do his work. He's incredibly patient as well, often times bordering on pathological.


Kaleo was a warrior in the Paiute tribe, he grew up alongside Julius as another enchanted. They fought together in multiple battles throughout the centuries. They grew an incredible bond, keeping each other safe in the direst of circumstances. During the Cavalry battle, Kaleo was injured badly. If not for Julius' healing abilities he would probably be dead. After the liberation, most of the remaining tribe unified under Julius as chief, but there was some resistance to the idea of a white man at their highest position. Kaleo never thought about it for a second. Julius wasn't just a chief, he was brother. To him that's all that mattered.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

Kaleo has the ability to communicate with and command animals. He can also project his spirit into animals, taking control of their bodies, and thereby their senses. When possessing an animal, his human form is left in a catatonic state, entirely vulnerable.

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Image of Kaleo Eaglebearer
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