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Summary: Andrew is an older looking asian man with a strong personality.

Andrew Lam Yie

Gender: Male

Age: 80

Group: Independents

Race [Human/Enchanted]



Andrew is an independent confidence man and currier. His cover identity is that of Father Andrew, a Russian Orthodox Priest, who works a small homeless shelter in side streets the shadows of the Casinos. He has been sent to Las Vegas to establish a church.

Andrew works as an information gatherer, messenger and a Currier/smuggler.

Physical Appearance

Andrew is a thin, older looking asian man that wears glasses. He wears mostly black clothing with robes which he tucks up into his belt when he plays basketball or has to move quickly. He has brown eyes.

Personality and interests

Andrew is a charismatic, orderly and pragmatic person. In his thinking, the ends justify the means. So he would work with any faction if were to help further his goals. Andrew is opinionated and openly speaks out about the gambling, prostitution, and the abuses of the city knowing full well that those abuses generate money that he and his people need. He is likely to march a crowd of people in protest against the casino and then meet with them later in the day seeking a hand out for the street ministry.

Andrew's interest is information gathering. In his prior life he was a software developer and hacker.


Andrew is a transplant from Chicago via California a few years ago. Andrew had a gift for programming and electronics (manifestations of his magical gift). He earned dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He went to California to work on a masters degree. In his first year, he met and married Elizabeth and had two children. Rachel and Leah, twin girls. They were killed in a car accident. It was during this time that his powers really started to manifest.

Thinking they were a curse, he dropped out of his masters program and became a priest.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

Andrew has the ability to manipulate electronics and digital communications. Most of this is passive in nature, though he can actively listen or manipulate though it takes all of his concentration to do that.
(i.e. he could manipulate an ATM or credit card reader or computer if he concentrates at it.)

I am thinking his big power would be the ability to travel through digital networks. The limitation would be that he would have only what he could carry with him (i.e. put in his mouth) and would show up naked. The physical limitations: Cross the city - no problem, cross the country - tired, and around the world - exhausted.

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Image of Andrew Lam Yie
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