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Summary: This was not how it was supposed to be ...


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Gender: Female

Age: 18 (3,600)

Group: Independents

Race [Human/Enchanted]



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Physical Appearance

Sai stand and even 5’5”. She is a slim pale girl typical of the Chinese persuasion, with long black hair reaching past her mid back and warm dark brown eyes.
She likes to dress sensible while also letting as much sun touching her as possible. She favors tank tops and jeans with sneakers. Though she likes to go barefoot as often as possible.

Personality and interests

Sai is quiet, pensive with an air of serenity. Still, she wears her emotions on her sleeve and is terrible at being deceptive. She is a lonely girl unused to being alone, worse Sai comes off as naïve and far too trusting and is unprepared for this era. She harbors feeling jilted anger, no Dragon, no attendants … once a revered creature beloved and worshipped Sai feels she had been forgotten! Worse abandoned.


Sai is the latest incarnation of the Phoenix in a long unbroken line stretching back to the Xai dynasty. Each incarnation woke and was cared for by either attendants or the Dragon himself, her future life mate. So it had been the cycle for over three thousand years until this most recent incarnation. For reasons beyond Sai while she was still an egg she was moved and kept in a dark cool cave preventing her from hatching. It was by sheer accident that the cave partially collapsed exposing the egg to sunlight and allowing her to finally hatch.

When she woke, much to her dismay, she was alone. Sai was at a loss! No one to help or guide her she was lost in an unfamiliar era. It was such a break of tradition! She waited for someone anyone for as long as she could until hunger drove her to move forward. She had so many questions and only one way to answer them. Find the Dragon herself and demand answers! However, given how much the world had changed it had grown quickly becoming an overwhelming task giving she had been asleep well over 150 years much to her horror! With no resources, Sai spent a great deal time in her bird form giving it was far easier to move around than in her human form.

In search for her Dragon, she tries to use the natural bond between them to find him only to discover it faded, worn and strained. Not knowing if it the bond with him or perhaps distance that is the cause she makes the treacherous journey hopping island to island in the China sea before hitching a ride on a cargo ship to the Americas.

Sai finally makes it to Nevada and fall in love with Las Vegas! The heat! The geography! The lights of the city! This was all brand new to her! Sai had gone as far as she could go an in spite of her bond greatly weakened she is positive the Dragon is somewhere in Las Vegas. However, in a city of two million, it is still a needle in a haystack.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

Sai’s abilities the opposite of subtle and as such she uses her magic (All of it) with extreme caution.
While long live Sai is not immortal and can be killed like any other person (with the exception of sickness) and, while it may not show (she will maintain a youthful appearance), of old age (Average lifespan is estimated 500 years). At the moment of death Sai will self-immolate leaving behind an egg from which her next reincarnation will grow and hatch from.
Pyrokinesis (She can generate and control fire) Given her current youth this power requires a bit of a charge up causing her eyes and veins to light up also requiring intense focuses and concentration to control, one slip and the consequences are explosive.
Sai can heal herself, though this is limited to only during the day. The act of self-healing releases tremendous heat and is a painful process as she is supercharging her system to accelerate the healing processes. Depending on the severity it can leave her exhausted and cold.
Sai has a bird form that appears as very large hawk-like bird with a variety of red, yellow and blue metallic feathers. This is also the form she tends to revert to when exhausted and needs to recharge. As of note, her clothing does not change with her.
Sai has a strong connection to birds and can talk to them.
Sai can create Sutras (paper magic) however this is very time-consuming! Creating them requires intense practice and concentration not to mention specially crafted ink for whatever spell she intends to create. At the moment she does not have the tools or ingredients to create Sutras.
Sai has access to the cumulative knowledge of her past incarnation. This requires time and deep meditation to deliberately look for information. It’s often a difficult task given it is akin to trying to find a book and not have any labels or even an index.

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Image of Sai-Fung
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