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Summary: Don't call me Sir, I worked for a living.

Gabriel Walther

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Independents

Race [Human/Enchanted]



Homeless vet living by the train depot

Physical Appearance

Sarge looks older than he is. He is a First Sargent, retired from the Army. He has seen his share of combat in service to the country. He has tattoo's on his arm and chest. Girls, motor cycles, the sins of his youth. He tries to be clean shaven, but that is hard on the street.

His beard is greying and his hair is short. His eyes are clear and sparkle.

Personality and interests

Sarge is very protective of what is his, things and people. He is very leery about outsiders trying to do good to make themselves feel better.

To put it simply Sarge hasn't stopped being a Sargent. He orders his street kids around and teaches them how to be safe. How to work as a team. How to push the line with out causing any real trouble.

Sarge's relationship with Andrew kind of complex. Sarge has an interesting code that he lives by, part of which is you don't hit women and clergy should not be in combat (don't carry weapons).

When Sarge came back from his last deployment, he found that his wife had left him and taken their children with. Now adults they don't want anything to do with their father. Sarge basically came back to nothing. After some hard drinking, he found himself out on the streets. Riding on box cars till he made it to Las Vegas.

Sarge is interested in trains, history, doing the right thing (most of the time), and dogs. He will hold doors, flag cabs, and tips his hat for women and girls

Sarge does not like talking about being in wars or politics.
He likes a good cigar and being a hero for ladies in distress.

Sarge has some good underworld contacts. Having been a cop and being on the street he has some friends in low places.


Sarge was born in Austin, Texas and raised there most of his life. He went to college and earned a degree in law enforcement. He married a young girl named Maria Lopez and they had two children. About two years as an officer, he enlisted into the army. He made the rank of First Sargent and trained recruits for a few years. He was deployed to the middle east and was engaged in conflict there. Shortly before returning home, his wife left him with the children. For the last ten years Sarge has been hopping the rails till he settled in Las Vegas.

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