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Summary: Socially awkward, overprotective M.E.C.A sniper.

Michelle Young

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: M.E.C.A

Race [Human/Enchanted]



Field agent of M.E.C.A, specializes in sniper work.

Physical Appearance

Michelle is a lanky-bodied young woman, standing at 5"8. Her hair is auburn in color and somewhat wavy in appearance, reaching just past her neck in length. She is commonly seen with her hair either stuffed under a cap or restrained by a light pink headband. Her eyes are dark brown in color, and significantly upturned in shape. Her skin tone is light olive. She is often seen wearing a turtleneck over a t-shirt with a mid-length plaid skirt, long patterned socks and short leather boots. The typical color palette of her ensemble consists of pinks, reds, whites and splashes of purple.

Personality and interests

As an operative of M.E.C.A, Michelle possesses a strong sense of duty towards her own species and has a strong case of tunnel vision when the Enchanted are in question: typically shooting first and never asking questions that might benefit the agency. She is very hostile towards the Enchanted and avoids fraternizing with those whom she suspects may be involved with them, typically leaving any conversing to her allies instead. Despite having such a hatred of the Enchanted and those who deal with them, she rather hypocritically desires an amulet; albeit in order to be a greater asset in the company's struggle against them.

Even around her own, Michelle can come off as strange and become isolated quickly due to her hyperactivity and lack of inhibition. Her lack of articulation and tendency to speak before thinking earns her a bad social reputation among most, despite her extroverted nature and awkward attempts to forge friendships. If accepted, Michelle is loyal and works very hard to forge to please her friends at the cost of wanting to be with her friends a little too much and leaving little room for less friendly groups to socialize with her friends.

Michelle's strong sense of duty towards the M.E.C.A is clouded partially by her emotional decision making and her sensitivity towards criticism. She is highly obsessive not only about her social life (she's the kind of employee who brings a homemade cake to work for everyone), but about self-improvement. These interests can clash when she has to choose between eliminating threats and preserving the lives of other humans, in which scenario her struggles to choose between two values can end in both opportunities slipping away. Her fight or freeze response leaves little room for other productive ways of problem-solving (namely just running the heck away) to rarely even jump to mind without assistance from others.

This irrational form of decision-making often makes her reliant upon the specifics of her orders for guidance, and she tends to put her trust in the rules more often than her own gut feelings. In her case this is rarely a detriment, but it can drown out the logic of her allies and cause her to turn a blind eye towards any corruption within the ranks. At this time, Barnabas Cross holds a large amount of influence over her actions and reasoning as the director whom she puts her faith in.


Michelle was born in the city of Las Vegas to parents Sarah and John Young, who were divorced when Michelle was 4 years old. Custody of Michelle and her unnamed older sibling was given to Sarah Young, who remarried to a man named Howard Miller when Michelle was 10 years old. John Young left Las Vagas not long after the divorce, entrusting an amulet he'd acquired to Michelle's older sibling before departing. Sarah Young's opinion on the Enchanted was firmly disapproving, and the only reason why she didn't move out herself was because she didn't have the necessary finances. Her opinions on the Enchanted rubbed off heavily on Michelle, but not so much on her sibling. When Michelle was 14, she caught her older sibling fiddling with the amulet that had been gifted to them by their birth father. Rather than sympathizing with her sibling, Michelle snuck into their room while they were asleep, found where they kept the amulet and threw it out the window. When her sibling complained about her behavior, her mother fiercely sided with Michelle. This caused her sister to run away from home to live with her boyfriend, leaving a note detailing how horrible and oppressive the household was. The continual departure of family members caused Michelle to experience a period of depression during her adolescence, causing her to drop most of her hobbies. However, she was given some hope when her step father started taking her on hunting trips and actively attempting to bond with her. Michelle's opinion on him had previously been negative due to her sibling's influence, but she mellowed towards him and developed an interest in shooting: eventually leading to her role within the M.E.C.A. Michelle opted not to attend college after passing high school with above average marks in math and P.E, instead taking the path that her parents believed was best for her: the path towards a career at M.E.C.A.

Magical Abilities (Enchanted Only)

Not applicable.

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