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Summary: It is your worst nightmare a chica with a badge and a gun.

Izabella Sophia Maria Ortez

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Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: M.E.C.A

Race [Human/Enchanted]




Physical Appearance

She is a dark hard brown eyed Hispanic woman. She dresses too nice to look like a cop.

Personality and interests

Izy is a curious girl, that is why she became a cop. She is hard nosed, but listens. She doesn't like the crime families in the city.


Izy comes from a large family. Her father was a cop, three of her brother are either with boarder patrol or the DEA. She went to college to be a cop, she graduate number two in her class out of the University of Maryland. Degrees in medicine M.D. and a Criminal Justice(forenric). She wanted to be a profiler for the FBI.

She was hired into M.E.C.A. but also get called in the the police to investigate crime scene. She is still new on the job and has been working it for six months.

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Image of Izabella Sophia Maria Ortez
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