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Summary: You want me to break their leg now?

Tony DeGusia

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Reinhart Family

Race [Human/Enchanted]



Trouble shooter/Thief

Physical Appearance

Tony looks like an New York thug. Black leather jacket, dark sun glasses, white tee shirt, jeans, boots.

He will dress for family occasions in the dark suit and tie. Italian learher shoes.

Personality and interests

Tony comes across as a tough guy, but not a jerk. He is buff and active. He likes the good life, fast cars, and the thrill of life.

He is interested in rock climbing, mountain biking, sky diving, and extreem sports.


Tony was a member of a crime family as a thief and trouble shooter. He was recruited by the Reinharts.

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Image of Tony DeGusia
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